Corporate Programs and Services

Broker Educational Sales & Training, Inc. (BEST) Corporate Programs and Services are customizable to meet your company’s specific needs. In addition to state insurance approval, all BEST courses are approved for CFP and CIMA/CPWA credit. Our Business Development team will be happy to help you choose a CE program that meets your needs.

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  • Professional Tools & Extras
  • Self-Study CE Course Catalogs

    BEST’s Self-Study CE courses are mailed to you as paper materials with an examination OR emailed to you in PDF format with an examination faxed to a number supplied by you. Paper examinations may require monitoring for credit.

    Some advantages of purchasing self-study courses include:

    • Up-to-date, industry pertinent and cost-effective CE courses
    • ClearCert certified Long-Term Care and Annuity training provider
    • CE courses that maximize credits
    • Useful as a study guide and reference material
    • Easy to read and taken with you anywhere you go


    Super CE Program

    BEST’s Super CE programs are a combination of two approved Continuing Education (CE) courses comprised of:

    • Classroom course: one-hour / instructor-led
    • Correspondence/self-study course: up to 21 hours of state insurance CE and five or ten hours of professional designation CE

    Super CE is designed to expand advisors’ knowledge on a specific subject and prepare them to take the correspondence/self-study course examination.

    By participating in Super CE advisors are generally able to earn more CE credit for the time they invest than would otherwise be available through participation in traditional classroom, correspondence and/or self-study offerings.


    Book a Speaker/Trainer

    Need a Speaker/Trainer that can also offer your advisors an opportunity to earn the maximum amount of State, CFP and/or CIMA/CPWA Insurance CE credits possible?

    Meet Edward J. Barrett:

    For more than four decades Ed has educated, coached and enlightened advisors across all channels, from wirehouses to regionals, to the independent broker-dealers and bank channels. He uses real-life experiences to address complex financial and insurance planning issues with a teaching style that makes learning entertaining and educational! (Please note that if Ed is already booked or unavailable, we have several qualified and approved instructors available for booking.)


    Nationally renowned speaker, trainer and author with more than 40 years of experience in the financial and insurance service industries.


    Principal author of a series of professional continuing education courses for advisors and lawyers.


    Presented to over 150,000 advisors nationwide.


    Partnership Programs

    Direct Partner

    BEST provides Direct Partners with a “proprietary” turnkey continuing education program designed to meet their business objectives by writing, designing, administering and supplying experienced and knowledgeable instructors to conduct live classroom training programs at the partner’s desired locations.

    Distribution Partner (see list below)

    BEST assists Distribution Partners develop, deliver and manage a truly value-added turnkey continuing education program, complementing the products and services they represent.


    Option A

    BEST writes, designs, administers and provides experienced and knowledgeable instructors to conduct live classroom training programs at the partner’s desired locations that also helps meet their business objectives.

    Option B

    The Distribution Partner provides their own “proprietary” continuing education courses to BEST and we provide all administrative services.

    Option C

    Distribution Partners select from BEST’s s existing library of “approved”continuing education courses.

    Option D

    Selection of any or all of the above.


    Distribution Partners List

    Below is a list of our current partners: (click on a partner's name to visit their website.)



    Classroom Courses

    Classroom courses feature the following:

    • Choose courses from our course library or provide your company's proprietary course
    • Courses are typically 1-3 credits
    • No examination required


    3rd Party Administrative Services

    Classroom / Self-Study

    BEST can file seminars, classroom, and self-study courses for continuing education credits on your company’s behalf. We have years of experience filing continuing education programs with various regulatory entities. Our turnkey process from completing the course application, to mailing the student’s certificate of completion makes providing continuing education as easy as 1-2-3. These services also include:

    Initial filing to regulatory agencies

    • Class Scheduling
    • Course Filings
    • Course Offerings
    • Instructor Filing
    • State Rosters

    Support and tracking

    • Certificates of Completion
    • Record storage up to 5 years
    • Roster filings to the state and to your company if needed
    • Student Attendance
    • Train the Trainer


    Professional Tools & Extras

    2018 Tax Guide

    Our Tax Guide contains tax information such as individual income tax rates, estates and trusts tax rates, Roth IRA annual contribution limits and much more...

    Financial / Insurance
    Calculators & Websites

    A comprehensive list of online financial / insurance calculators and informational websites.


    Whether an Agency has to manage their own compliance or Producers want to manage their licensing, Vertafore has them covered. ProducerEDGE and AgencyEDGE can meet specific licensing needs both quickly and easily on the web.

    BEST’s Advisor Insight
    Audio Podcast

    Check out our Advisor Insight audio podcast. Each of our podcasts are hosted by Edward J. Barrett, BEST’s Founder, President and CEO.




    2018 Reference Guide to
    Social Security & Medicare

    Our Reference Guide contains tax information such as Social Security income limits, Medicare Parts A-D deductibles and premiums, Medicare surtaxes and much more...

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    Live Webinars

    BEST’s live webinars are an interesting, entertaining, convenient way for advisors to receive one (1) hour of classroom CE credit. Each webinar is presented by Edward J. Barrett, BEST’s Founder, President and CEO.