CFP CE Live Webinar: Ethical Practices for Professionals (Course#: 248997)

NOTE: Three (3) steps are required to complete the CFP Ethics registration process:

  1. Payment: DO NOT CLOSE YOUR WEB PAGE after you have finished paying for the webinar, you will either be automatically taken to a registration page OR you must click on the “Go to Registration Form” button found at the bottom left of the online receipt page (NOT the emailed receipt).
  2. Registration form: fill out the form (on a separate web page than the payment/receipt pages). DO NOT CLOSE YOUR WEB PAGE, you will then be automatically taken to the GoToWebinar form page.
  3. GoToWebinar form: fill out the short form (First Name, Last Name, Email) to receive an email with your unique “Join Webinar” button/link at the email address you entered. (also on a separate web page than the registration form)

If you have not gone through ALL three steps, you are NOT fully registered for the webinar!

If you are unable to attend the webinar purchased, credit will be provided for next available webinar.
(CANCELLATION FEE: A $10.00 cancellation fee will apply for all refunds requested.)

Payment Page

Register by following the detailed instructions listed below: (It is preferable that you use a desktop computer or a laptop and an Internet Explorer browser when paying and registering.)

  1. Pay for the event by clicking on one of the desired “PAY NOW” buttons listed at the bottom of the payment page
  2. Payment is non-refundable. If you are unable to attend the webinar, credit will be provided for the next available webinar
  3. After payment, a receipt will be presented which you can print for your records and you will also receive an email at the address you provided during payment (please keep a record of the email you used to pay for the webinar)
  4. Check your email. The subject will be “Transaction Receipt from BROKER EDUCATIONAL SALES”
  5. You will need the Authorization # from the emailed receipt to complete your registration
  6. If not automatically taken to the registration page, within the online receipt page, click on the “Go to Registration Form” button found at the bottom left of the page to complete registration (see below for registration instructions)

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Registration Page

After clicking on the “Go to Registration Form” button at the bottom of the Payment page, you will be directed to a Registration page. After reading the instructions found at the top of this page, scroll down to the “Attendee Registration Form” section and do the following:

  1. Complete the Attendee Registration Form by typing in all the information requested in each of the boxes, completely and accurately.
  2. After completing the Attendee Registration Form, click on the “SUBMIT THIS FORM” button to file your registration with BEST for the event. You should receive a confirmation email from shortly after submitting.
  3. After clicking the “SUBMIT THIS FORM” button, you will be taken to the GoToWebinar website where you will enter your First Name, Last Name and Email address to receive a unique link to access the webinar in your email. This link will contain the information about the webinar, a system checker, to make sure you can access the webinar, and a toll-free number for GoToWebinar support.

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Email Recap

You should receive a total of three (3) emails:

  1. One from our payment processing company with a subject line of “Transaction Receipt from BROKER EDUCATIONAL SALES,” which contains the Authorization Number needed to register
  2. One from
  3. One from GoToWebinar,, with your unique link to access the webinar

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  1. Assistance registering and/or general questions and information regarding the webinar, please email our Marketing Department at or call 1-800-345-5669.
  2. Payment questions and assistance, please email our Accounting Associate at or call 1-800-345-5669.
  3. Questions regarding CE credit, please email our Accreditation Department at or call 1-800-345-5669.
  4. Technical issues with GoToWebinar’s interface, please read below.

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  1. The webinar’s interface is provided by a 3rd party company called GoToWebinar and Broker Educational Sales & Training, Inc. (BEST) DOES NOT offer any support for GoToWebinar’s interface.
  2. Some companies block GoToWebinar’s interface and advisors are not able to view the video/presentation and/or listen to the audio.
  3. Please use a NON-WORK related device that is NOT connected to your company’s internet or Wi-Fi such as a personal:
    (must install app on mobile devices - CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD APP.)
    • Desktop computer
    • Laptop
    • Tablet
    • iPad
  4. Log into the webinar at least 10-15 minutes PRIOR to the webinar’s start time to ensure that everything is working properly BEFORE the webinar presentation begins.
  5. System Test (be sure to check BEFORE the webinar start date)
    1. Click on the following underlined text: Basic System Check to begin the first round of testing.
    2. The above will only test your basic system compatibility and is NOT an in-depth test. For a complete system test, “Click here to try a test session,” OR look on the bottom left-hand side of the same page and click on the “Try a test session” text. Another small window should pop-up and ask you to, “Open GoTo Opener?” Ignore the “Always open these types of links in the associated app” section and click on the “Open GoTo Opener” button. This will launch the GoToWebinar software installation program, which is usually the culprit when trying to join our webinar.
  6. If you have the following issues on the day of the webinar:
    1. Trouble logging into the webinar (i.e. the GoToWebinar Opener software program is not downloading/launching and/or installing correctly
    2. Technical issues during the live presentation of the webinar (i.e. loss of video and/or sound)
    3. Contact GoToWebinar’s support toll-free at: (877) 582-7011 for assistance.

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