CE On-Demand

Offer advisors CE credit for various types of educational materials such as whitepapers, research papers, webinars (live/recorded), podcasts, and more.

Integrate Comprehensive Continuing Education (CE) Solutions with Your Website

Our platform is designed to seamlessly integrate all of your educational content with the option of adding CE credits.

All-in-One Solution

➤ Streamline Your CE Education with Our Easy-to-Use Solution

Unlike competing platforms that are more expensive and lack a comprehensive set of features, our CE On-Demand solution offers flexible and custom-fitted solutions to meet all your needs. With our user-friendly dashboard, you can easily manage certificates, surveys, quizzes, hosted recorded presentation videos, whitepapers, CE credit, and more.

➤ Increase Your Website Traffic with CE Credits

By offering CE credits for the content you’re already providing, you can attract new users and engage with your existing audience. This is a proven way to drive more traffic to your website and improve the value of your educational resources.


➤ Brand “Your” Environment with Our CE On-Demand Solution

Don’t let your clients get distracted by content from your competitors. With our CE On-Demand solution, you can create a closed environment where only your custom branded content is displayed to your clients. This ensures that your clients stay engaged with your brand and don’t get lost in an open market of content. Our platform offers an all-in-one solution with a flexible set of features, including a dashboard, certificates, surveys, quizzes, hosted recorded presentation videos, whitepapers, CE credit and more. Plus, our solution is competitively priced, making it a low-cost option for any organization looking to increase traffic to their website.

➤ Visual Data

Cost-benefit analysis can be performed comparing the average cost-per-content of leading competitors and cost of additional services vs. cost of B.E.S.T. all-in-one CE On-Demand solution.

CE On-Demand Video: A Quick Overview of Our Services

In this video, we guide you through our CE On-Demand services, which includes hosting options, course creation and more. See how it’s done.