CE On-Demand

Offer CE credit for whitepapers, research papers, webinars (live / recorded), podcasts and any other educational materials you host on your website.

Add “CE” to your Website

Designed to effortlessly integrate all your educational content.

All-in-One Solution

➤ A Low-cost, All-in-One Solution

Competing platforms cost more and do not offer an all-in-one solution. Our CE On-Demand solution is competitively priced and offers a flexible set of solutions custom-fitted for your needs. (Dashboard, Certificates, Surveys, Quizzes, Hosted Video, Hosted Whitepapers, Live webinar CE credit.)

➤ Increase Traffic to Your Website

Offering CE credit to attendees for content currently being offered by your organization, could attract more users and better connect with existing users.


➤ Brand “Your” Environment

Competing platforms force you to bring your clients into an open market of content from your competitors. Our CE On-Demand solution will only display your custom branded content to your customers in a closed off environment where you can control exactly what your clients see.

➤ Visual Data

Cost-benefit analysis can be performed comparing the average cost-per-content of leading competitors and cost of additional services vs. cost of B.E.S.T. all-in-one CE On-Demand solution.