Branded (Custom) Content

Attract a larger audience with branded content.

Take Advantage of Your Company’s Brand

Connect to a broader audience using your company’s brand and influence.

Custom Content

➤ When You Need Branded Content

We will brand either your company content or our pre-built content to make presentations more appealing to your audience. Our pre-built content is approved by the State Insurance departments, the CFP Board and the IWI.

Pre-Built Content

➤ Use of Company Content

Company content may need to be approved prior to use. We can submit your company’s content for credit and use under our providership. We will also provide all administrative services.

➤ B.E.S.T. Pre-Approved Content

B.E.S.T. presentations can be branded with your company’s logo and colors.

Some of the more common topics available are: 401(k), Annuity, Estate Planning, Ethics, IRA, Long-Term Care, and Retirement Planning.