Classroom CE Courses

Our Classroom CE courses provide an opportunity for your company to position its strategy, product solutions, and value-add programs in front of advisors while they earn CE credits.

We You Add Value

With our classroom CE courses, you can position your company's strategy, product solutions, and value-add programs while boosting meeting attendance and enhancing advisor education.

Fill a Room

➤ Lunch & Learn

Are You Looking to Fill a Room? Look no further. B.E.S.T. can help you offer a truly value-added CE program that will attract the advisors you need to be getting face-time with.

➤ Classroom Course Features

• Choose courses from our course library or provide your company’s proprietary course.
• Courses are typically 1-3 credits.
• No examination required.

Team work

➤ B.E.S.T. Team

Our staff makes certain your classroom is efficiently run, all necessary forms are filed with the appropriate states / boards, and CE credits are processed within two (2) - five (5) business days.